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January 30 2018


Advantages of Solar Energy

An increasing cost of electricity compelled many householders to switch to another way of generating electricity to their homes. Home owners have also made a decision to utilize other alternative solutions simply because they want to preserve the planet by lessening consumption of fossil fuels. Solar energy is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels that have won the interests of numerous householders. Solar energy is a non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable energy source.


It's popularity amongst home owners continues to increase year-and-year. The number of residential solar installations is anticipated to go up to 2 million by the end of 2018 from its prior figure in 2016, which is 1 million. Some of the states that commonly make use of solar energy include New Jersey, Connecticut, California and Massachusetts. According to the National Ranking for solar, California, which is also called the 'sunshine state' is hailed the number one user of solar energy in the country. However, states that we normally would not think of for solar such as New Jersey isn't far behind with a National Ranking of 5th and over 340,000 homes powered by solar. The 312,000 solar-powered houses in Massachusetts made the state acquire the 6th place. Despite its National Ranking of 18th, Connecticut has got expanding number of home owners that are switching to solar power. This could be proven by the 124% increase in investments from 2014 to 2015. Not to mention they've been ranked in the top ten nationally for energy-efficiency programs and policies since the early 2000s.


Solar energy can offer many advantages, which explains why there's an increase in solar adoption. These benefits are explained well herein this article online of Cleaner NRG. To begin with, property owners could save a lot from utilizing solar power. Whether you lease, finance or get a solar panel system, having one as a homeowner can cause a great reduction about how much cash you'll pay for electricity. In addition to lowering or getting rid of their utility bill, when going solar householders are also protecting themselves from ongoing increasing electricity costs.


When a house is powered by solar energy, its value gets higher. A dollar worth of energy bill savings from your solar installation adds $20 to the total worth of your house, as reported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. There are important aspects to consider that will affect the overall increase, which include the installation size and the house location. On top of the increase in home value another important benefit is that solar protects a house owners roof. With solar panels being installed on top of your shingles, the longevity of the shingles themselves is protected against harsh components such as rain, hail, snow and even sunlight. For more in-depth information, check out this link here.


When a home owner is exploring their solar choices it's essential for them to go forward with a firm which could pair them with a company that will provide them with the best installation, product, savings and warranty. Every homeowner's final choice should be anchored on each one of these aspects. A solar market place like Cleaner NRG will pair home owners with the most advantageous selection for there house.


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